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Fusion is Near.

Fusion promises unlimited clean energy technology for the planet. To solve the challenges of achieving practical fusion. NearStar Fusion is developing a  modular Magnetized Target Impact Fusion (MTIF) approach which enables a commercially viable design to rapidly integrate with existing power grid or new microgrid infrastructure.


By building on a proven pulsed fusion method, the NearStar Fusion approach avoids the complexities associated with the development, maintenance, safety and reliability of maintaining plasma in a steady state. (learn more)


The NearStar Fusion power plant design supports rapid development and parallel mass production of the fusion driver, fuel capsule and reaction chamber. This coupled with the use of existing materials and technologies greatly increases the speed of progress towards an integrated solution. (learn more)


The modular NearStar Fusion approach supports rapid construction and installation. This approach also is able to retrofit the heat source in traditional hydrocarbon (e.g., coal) power plants with a fusion power core to leverage existing turbines and power grid infrastructure. Which means the NearStar design can deliver limitless, clean, always-on energy directly into cities, industry, homes and transportation around the globe sooner. (learn more)


NearStar Fusion consists of highly experienced plasma physicists, engineers and industry experts whose fusion work has been funded by the Department of Energy, ARPA-E, NASA and National Science Foundation. Building on past experience, successes, and ongoing research, the NearStar Fusion team is well-positioned to rapidly achieve the promise of fusion for the world. Investors are encouraged to reach out to us to see how they can catalyze the future of compact clean always-on energy. (learn more)

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NearStar could deliver clean, safe and limitless energy for our planet.

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