Fusion technology is rapidly developing, and NearStar is leading the way.


White House: International Partnerships in a New Era of Fusion Energy Development

Dec 2, 2023 – The United States has identified the following five overarching goals where we invite international engagement and partnerships:

1) Identify and pursue opportunities for international cooperation or partnerships on fusion R&D, and enable access to or shared development of key infrastructure
2) Grow the future global marketplace
3) Coordinate on regulatory frameworks that create a secure environment for fusion energy
4) Foster and strengthen a diverse and global workforce pipeline
5) Improve public education and engagement in fusion energy


Fairfax Founders Fund awards grant to NearStar Fusion

Nov 3, 2023 – NearStar Fusion was awarded a $50K grant from the Fairfax Founders Fund.  The Fairfax Founders Fund is a Fairfax County Department of Economic Initiatives program designed to support early-stage, high-growth startups. The Fairfax Founders Fund plays a pivotal role in nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship in Fairfax County and the region at-large.

Chris Faranetta (NearStar Fusion VP and Co-Founder) commented "We are committed to both contributing and benefiting from the startup ecosystem in Fairfax County and are honored to receive a grant from the Fairfax Founders Fund to help us address the challenges of deep tech startups."


NearStar Fusion awarded National Science Foundation grant

Sept 5, 2023 - NearStar Fusion Inc. was awarded a Phase I SBIR grant on August 25, 2023 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support the development of its unique approach to fusion energy.

NearStar Fusion Founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. F. Douglas Witherspoon stated "This grant will support our efforts to model and analyze our highly modular approach to fusion using repetitive hypervelocity impact of DD fuel targets for grid based electric power."

NSF promotes the progress of science by investing in research to expand knowledge in science, engineering and education. NSF also invests in actions that increase the capacity of the U.S. to conduct and exploit such research.

Amit Singh (NearStar Fusion CEO) commented "We are grateful for NSF's vision and leadership in promoting new alternative approaches to achieving commercially viable fusion.  We see NearStar Fusion's deuterium fueled impact fusion approach, which avoids the need for tritium or superconducting materials, as a rapid pathway forward to practical fusion energy."

US scientists repeat fusion ignition breakthrough for 2nd time

Aug 6, 2023 (Reuters) - U.S. scientists have achieved net energy gain in a fusion reaction for the second time since December, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said on Sunday.
Scientists at the California-based lab repeated the fusion ignition breakthrough in an experiment in the National Ignition Facility (NIF) on July 30 that produced a higher energy yield than in December, a Lawrence Livermore spokesperson said.

NRC Decision Separates Fusion Energy Regulation from Nuclear Fission

On April 14, 2023, the five Commissioners of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) announced in a unanimous vote to regulate fusion energy in the United States under the same regulatory regime as particle accelerators.


The Age of Ignition:  Inside NIF's Fusion Breakthrough

On Dec. 5, 2022, the National Ignition Facility (NIF) launched “The Age of Ignition” with an experiment that for the first time produced more energy from a fusion reaction than the energy needed to spark the reaction, a condition known as ignition.

It’s Time For Congress to Support Fusion Energy
US must make an infrastructure investment in fusion energy

Fusion devices for clean, safe, and affordable electricity and industrial heat are making advances and need a push.


Washington Examiner Op-Ed re: US must make an infrastructure investment in fusion energy


White House Summit: Developing a Bold Decadal Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy


Congress Provides Record Funding for Fusion Energy and Initiates New Public Private Partnership


The White House: Fact Sheet: Developing a Bold Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy


Press Releases

Fairfax Founders Fund awards $50K grant to NearStar Fusion Inc.


Dr. Jason Cassibry and team at UAH wins $750K in grants from Los Alamos National Laboratory


VIPC Awards Commonwealth Commercialization Fund Grant to NearStar Fusion Inc.:


NearStar Fusion Inc. Discloses Development Effort for a Promising New Type of Fusion Energy:


NearStar Fusion Inc. Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

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Chantilly startup NearStar Fusion is developing a new form of energy tech


FIA Proposes Funding Fusion for Space Propulsion:


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