Why NearStar Fusion?


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo da Vinci

Fusion energy has the promise as the ultimate clean energy technology. However, the complexity of successfully achieving commercially viable fusion has left this promise unfulfilled.

NearStar Fusion is developing a new pulsed approach to create fusion called Hypervelocity Gradient Field Fusion (HGFF) which builds on a successful method of imploding metallic liners (Z machine) combined with a repeatable theta pinch process developed under a NASA Innovative Advanced Concept study.

The simplicity of the NearStar Fusion power plant reduces development time, construction, and operating costs, while improving operational reliability and longevity. NearStar's design heavily leverages existing materials and technologies thereby avoiding major investments in material science or complicated supply chains.

Plasma (superheated matter) is the critical ingredient of fusion energy. A burning fusion plasma is extremely difficult to produce, maintain and safely control. NearStar's approach completely removes the need to maintain and control plasma in a steady state avoiding Fusion Disruption Events. The HGFF architecture manages the First Wall Problem thus minimizing damage from neutron embrittlement.

A NearStar Fusion power plant is well-suited to scale beyond the inherent limitations of traditional renewables (e.g., wind and solar), due to the high-energy density of the fuel making it compact, clean, and always-on regardless of weather conditions.


Many hands make light work

Most large power plants are designed, engineered and constructed one at a time, which is time consuming and expensive. NearStar Fusion power plants will be different. All major components will be produced in factories and rapidly assembled on-site in a matter of months, not years, substantially reducing cost. Due to our inherently simple and robust design, a NearStar Fusion power plant could be developed in as little as 10 years. We attribute our speed to market and scalability to four important factors:

1. Linear ModularityThe inherent linear modularity of the plant design enables rapid development and parallel mass production of the fusion driver, reaction chamber, field coil, and balance of plant. The linear modularity of the plant also simplifies component access and ease of maintenance.

2. Conventional Materials We plan to maximize the use of existing technologies and conventional materials, thus eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming advanced materials R&D. Existing technologies and materials will also support a simplified supply chain to reduce the threat of delays and cost-overruns.

3. Heat CaptureOur heat capture approach is simple, robust and proven, allowing ready integration into conventional steam turbine equipment currently in use in power plants worldwide.

4. Advanced Fuels HGFF power plants have the potential for performance upgrades enabling the use of advanced fusion fuels beyond deuterium and tritium. The use of advanced fusion fuels will significantly reduce maintenance costs and power plant complexity while increasing overall reliability.


Balancing Innovation with Practicality

The regulation and capital required to build a new power plant of any kind (e.g., nuclear, hydrocarbon, etc.) can require decades of permitting and cost in upwards of billions of dollars.  Hypervelocity Gradient Field Fusion (HGFF) has the ability to deliver clean energy using a much smaller physical footprint than renewables allowing HGFF to retrofit or add to existing power grid infrastructure worldwide in a faction of the time and cost.

The HGFF design enables the creation of extremely safe small localized or large scale power plants which could operate in or near densely populated urban areas increasing the robustness of the overall power grid.


Interested in helping the world achieve unlimited clean energy using our fusion technology?

We are currently raising funds for our Seed round and are taking meetings with qualified investors. Please reach out to Amit Singh (amit at nearstarfusion.com / 443-707-2648) to set up a discussion.

Get in touch to learn more about NearStar’s efforts to develop clean, safe and limitless energy for the planet.

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